30 Days of Gratitude – Days 22-28

What am I grateful for? Part 4

Sorry this is uploaded a little later in the day. It’s been a busy week and just like that we are on our way to Christmas! Let me know if you have already put up your Christmas decorations!

Thanksgiving was wonderful. We had 17 adults and 4 kids over to enjoy a delicious meal. Thanks to friends who brought some sides and pies, my husband for cooking our 24.5 lb turkey perfectly, and the MWR for letting us borrow some extra tables to squeeze everyone in and have a seat. We’re really starting to get this hosting thing down!


Tea of the day: Sweet Dreams
 RC Bigelow (again, another part of a variety box I bought)
Color: The first color is a light green and the longer the tea steeps, the darker brown the liquid becomes. It’s quite beautiful.
Taste: This tea is a blend of chamomile and mint. The mint overpowers the chamomile taste a little bit, but is not as strong as the Mint Medley tea in terms of the mint flavor. Chamomile is a pretty mellow flavor so this wasn’t too surprising. The blend makes it a milder taste of mint and is very lovely.
Ideas for next time I have this: I may try this next with some lemon. It is very nice as a standalone though.

22. What story are you grateful for?

I’m really grateful for Matt’s and my story of how we met and made our relationship work. I think that it really shows that if you persevere, believe something is meant to be, and work together toward a common goal then anything is possible. When Matt and I first started our relationship, the odds were definitely stacked against us with immediate distance. Before we got married in June, we had spent a total of about 50 days together in person of the 15 months we had been together. It’s not always easy, and we are working together through everything as we continue to get to know each other.

You can read the longer story of how we met in my first 30 Days of Gratitude post (Day 7).

23. What tradition are you grateful for?

My favorite tradition that my family has is watching The Santa Clause on Christmas Eve. I’m pretty sure we’ve been watching it every Christmas Eve since it came out in 1994, so this tradition is 23 years old. By now, I can quote most f the movies, but every year there’s one little funny part or line that I forgot how funny it truly is.

As I grew up, I can remember some of the one-liners making more sense than when I watched as a kid. Like when Tim Allen doesn’t drink the milk and claims to be watching his saturated fats. Then the following year, Sara (the little girl) puts out soy milk instead. I had heard of soy milk when I was even a 10-year-old but by the time I was in high school, I understood his tongue-smacking to the nontraditional taste and laugh.

24. What challenge are you grateful for?

The biggest challenge that I’ve had so far when my family moved from California to Arizona. It was one thing to be in the middle of high school, let alone that I was in the middle of a school year!

When my parents mentioned they were looking at houses, I asked that we move either over winter break or wait until I graduated high school.I didn’t want to spend my entire senior year making friends. I’d rather have made some already. I don’t know if that made much of a difference.  We did move about six weeks later, two days after Christmas that year.

I didn’t have any fear that I wouldn’t make friends. I knew I was a social person and I was in activities like youth group at church, soccer, and softball. I made friends in my classes, joined the JV soccer team, sang in the choir, and played softball all in one semester. And senior year was pretty fun!

I was a little homesick for a bit and leapt in excitement when we went back to visit. Thirteen years later, I talk to only a few people from when I lived in California. I believe that experience and challenge helped me later when I moved to a new state for grad school and now being in Italy with Matt. I’m pretty confident that challenge proved that I’ll have friends wherever I go. So if I ever say “I don’t have any friends here,” I haven’t tried hard enough.

25. What moment this week are you most grateful for?

The moment this week that I’m most grateful for is when Matt and I went to dinner just the two of us. I had been to a restaurant I really liked and wanted to take him there to celebrate his promotion. We ordered a bottle of wine, got an appetizer, our entrees, and dessert. We got our wine poured and clinked glasses before drinking. THAT moment is my favorite. We were about to enjoy a celebratory meal together and everything about the moment was the definition of happiness. We smiled at each other during this moment and looked in each other’s eyes. I hope anyone who witnessed that moment could sense our love for each other and how happy we both were.


26. What form of expression are you grateful for?

Does cooking count!? I love cooking and it’s always been fun for me. One of my favorite channels is Food Network. It’s amazing even watching other people cook and seeing the ideas they come up with. It always makes me happy to cook something for someone that they really enjoy, whether it’s breakfast burritos for my best friend or honey sesame chicken for my husband.

And I always appreciate when others make food for me. ❤


27. What small thing that you use daily are you grateful for?

This is an easy one… my cell phone! Like most millenials, it is within reach of me at all times. Living 6,000 miles away from people I’m used to seeing or talking with on a daily or weekly basis is difficult, but not nearly as difficult as if I didn’t have a cell phone. I can message or call them on a variety of apps to stay in touch without feeling like I’m completely missing out. If I had to, I’d probably be writing letters, but the phone makes things so much easier!

28. What small thing that happened today are you grateful for?

Matt and I had thought about going to Paris for a weekend right before Christmas. Usually when he gets his mind set on something, he isn’t easily swayed toward another option… at least not quickly. As we were researching prices for flights, hotels, etc. it started looking like it would be super expensive so I started looking somewhere else for us to go that was more affordable. And today, he was swayed easily. So we are going to Barcelona! We booked our hotel and flights today!

If you’d like to do your own 30 days of gratitude, here’s where I found the prompts I’m using. And catch up! You’re late!

What are you grateful for? Leave me a comment!

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